Here's to Susan who nourishes our vision (and makes the trains run on time). — Robert M. Rubin, Chairman, Centre Pompidou Foundation


You have to be willing to get happy about nothing. — Andy Warhol


My other mentor is Susan Martin, a gifted curator, editor, and publicist. She taught me how to survive on my wits—and always told me the truth! — Shana Nys Dambrot | LA Canvas | LA Weekly

MartinMPR is a boutique marketing company providing highly personal service to individuals and organizations that value creativity, polish, and visual sophistication. With more than thirty years as communications consultants specializing in culture and the arts, the firm has worked with seminal artists, architects and designers, galleries and other businesses, museums, foundations, and civic and community organizations to formulate strategic marketing initiatives and public relations campaigns.

With an unparalleled understanding of the content, context, and intersections of contemporary culture which defy easy categorization, MartinMPR brings a world of intelligence and originality to each client’s identity. The firm collaborates with innovative creators to fashion promotional initiatives that are strategic and conceptually fresh, ranging from major museum catalogues and monographs to press kits, viral marketing, stationery systems, and invitations that telegraph quality and attention to detail.

Founded in 1983, the company leverages a network of seasoned communications professionals with both nonprofit and business experience. Because the team has extensive expertise in media relations, event management, marketing communications, branding, social media, and print design and production, we can respond quickly to clients’ evolving needs and changing external realities.

Collaboration is the hallmark of MartinMPR. The firm provides the leadership to create a process that encourages blue-sky thinking—resulting in novel, authentic, and compelling outcomes that plug into the zeitgeist and propel new streams of contact and communication.

—Roland Barthes